This total immersion conference adventure is for you if you are an entrepreneur, business leader, employee on the fast track, or have a dream, and you want to make it happen. You need  Passion – Dedication - a Big Enough Dream - A Roadmap to Get You There – Highly Successful Entrepreneurial Mentors to Teach You How to Get There – and a Burning  Desire to go....Beyond the Box.

Ideal attendees:    

  • Are determined to design the life they want instead of settling for the life they have, by moving from IM-possible to IN-credible 
  • Have an idea that’s big enough and already recognize that it’s too big for them to handle alone 
  • Want someone to show them how to build dream teams & rock stars to implement their dream 
  • Want to assemble their own mastermind group Want to learn to market their ideas and brand themselves through social media
  • Learn to create new neural pathways to success
  • Want to learn strategies to amass wealth 
  • Know it’s time to put their ideas out there and collaborate with those who may be able to help them find the missing pieces of their puzzle Want to surround themselves with those who have already achieved the success they desire

Beyond the Box - Vision & Mission 
Our conference adventures equip attendees with the power tools they need to get them all the way to the top 2% and stay there! We are creating an enduring legacy of innovative and visionary leaders in America – from all walks of life - who are inspired to motivate themselves and others. Our goal is to consciously shift the global mindset from IM-possible to IN-credible. Our 8 tangible touchstone are designed to move attendees "beyond the box" so that they can design the lives they were meant to have.

Through the acceleration of education, positive imagination, innovation, collaboration and exceptional execution all attendees will finally be able to design the life they were meant to have.

Our multi-faceted immersion conferences build a forward thinking culture, where creative, winning strategies join forces with a generation of participants who are eager to learn and shape legendary destinies, becoming priceless assets to themselves, their families, their companies, and their communities. Our expert presenters challenge everyone to uncover the indigenous genius within themselves and collaborate with others to build a stronger America together. We connect the dots so that attendees discover what they were meant to do, learn how to do it, and utilize the knowledge and skills of others willing to mentor them along the way.

Bizanthropy ™
America is the most generous nation in the world. Business-philanthropy (Bizanthropy) is a term trademarked by Beyond the Box to reflect tomorrow’s far-reaching philanthropist. 

It’s time to capitalize on our indigenous genius as a nation of dream builders.  We already know how to lead the way.  Innovation and imagination is an inherent part of the American DNA.  Our conferences serve as a launching pad for a new era of remarkable American achievement. 

Bizanthropy puts us a giant step ahead as we re-imagine everything from leadership, to global image, to the way business is done, and to the way we create a better future for everyone. 

Bizanthropy generates a climate of hope and a necessary belief that everything is possible.  Inevitable benefits are optimism, self-esteem, creativity, and a passion to be part of something great. The bizanthropic approach generates and fosters a healthy economy and national growth.  Bizanthropy encourages Indigenous Genius and proves that the American Dream is alive,  attainable and continually finding new ways to express itself. 

Bizanthropists Cultivate a Meaningful Global Footprint!